Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home(base) is where the heart is.

Bobby Lim met up with me in the AM to grab the van for the next week....
This is BK. He shoots photos and does harsh tricks like Willy grinds and tripple kickflips. But i guess hes ok in my book.
meeting up at 10am scumbag time really means meet up at 1230
isn't that cute
"i dunno Driscoll i don't think you can smoke out of this thing but fuck it give it a try"
taco tongue
Took likes to eat if you haven't noticed
BK supposedly doesn't drink or do any drugs. We'll see about that.
Akers met us in PA and of course he was sweaty and psyched.

Andrew PO
Pensyl is obviously being a good role model for the kiddies.
Danny was working on his tan which is looking great in my opinion
I think the dude he is doing the pledge allegiance to the flag for some reason. I don't get it.
Yingling flows like water in the Bethlehem.
Fuck the demo. Lets go cliff jumping.
hey lets walk on this old train bridge and jump off it. i swear its a safe idea.
After climbing up a 50 foot tetanus infested column Akers and Took took it to the top turnbuckle.
Wipe that hand off before you start handing out hi fives bro.
Darren likes penocoladas and getting caught in the rain.
Falla was a little under the weather today. Feel better son.
Got to Pensyl's families new land where they are building a new crib. Hopefully the ghost from the old spot didn't follow cause that dude was scary.
Jaeger the family dog. Yup that's its real name.
Pensyl took us down a trail to a "Crick" which we were all psyched to see because we never saw one......
But then we realized he just doesn't know how to say "creek" right and it was only a little stream. Jaeger got down as you can see.
I don't think Driscoll has ever smoked weed before. Hey i might be wrong i dunno.
Small eyes

Pensyl getting all backwoods with a crossbow.

15 beers deep
clean plate club
D-bo post binge
healthy cat
I think Mcdoogal is playing with his mustache on the right. Whatever makes you happy bro.
Side bets
story time with ol Barnesy.

After getting kicked out of Luke's Girl's birthday party by her bland ass friend with the personality of a bag of hair we ended up at another shitty house.
I don't think Ive ever had Mickey;s Ice. Or maybe Ive been living above that rock people have been living under my whole life.
Darren was real psyched you can get lung cancer inside bars in PA. How convienant.


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