Monday, June 29, 2009

12 hours to Pennsylvania

swing and a miss
good call bro
Akers, Dylan, Andrew, Tim and the tool that brought the O'Doyle family to their demise. 
Things are looking up in NYC from what i hear
waiting for a man to take you by the hand.
boneless joe
Self cooking meals taste like poison
ma man
Aye Carumba! Por Que?
Trucked it through the night to get to PA for a BBQ at Puke's house.

Akers and Puke's dog Mable drank some beers and caught on the times.
Wes was there
Time to play the poor mans horseshoes AKA Quaits
Took drinks beer these days.
This guy showed up out of nowhere.
Taking the game indoors...its only downhill from here.
Swine Merchant


Randy and Bakers
Missed a nollie heel on flat and took it out on this whip
Took thought it would be cool to un-skatestop a neck high hubba. Why not right?
A slip of the wrist makes it un-skateable again. fuck it.
Manderson and his separated at birth homeless bro.
too psyched.
Met up with Queen's finest Rob Gonyon at the Amateur Athlete demo.

practice makes perfect Joey
Pensyl was reunited with his pooch for a few minutes.
Bobby is really loosing it these days.
Tony murking wings
Took and Rodrigo copped some cigars and lived like kings.

Another Day in Indianapolis

nothing like piping hot coffee in a Pirex to start your day
Too many smiles from this guy
Puke soft talking
amped up
Went to these fish ponds ive been hearing so much about....
Poor Mans crailside
Chatham Crew
Then Father Time came and deleted the word fun from the dictionary. 
we got a jumper
good lord
RIP Mike Jackson
Important stuff
Then Took broke this rail He-Man Style so he could skate some ledge. What a maniac. Later.