Friday, June 27, 2008

i think everyone is nice in Burlington, VT

Big Germ and Driscoll have an intelligent conversation at KCDC.
Doogal and G. Wallace
Driscoll and Shape
Late night kreep mission in full effect
Doogal got bedbugs from this couch.
Picked up Joe Took on the way to NYC the next day to head to Vermont.
These scumbags were waiting for us.
6 hour drive with 7 dudes in a van. That sounds like a reason to hang yourself.
FOB got ups in the new Time Magazine. 2008 is our year.
Pensyl is out for a while with a ankle injury so hes trying his best to pack them pounds on.
Took got way too much shit the first stop.

Driscoll knows how to make any food look disgusting.
Bob Lim lookin hip with them new specks.
Switch rock on a rock.

smiles for miles
Driscoll is actually a pretty big asshole.

Got to the Hale's house later that night.
Chad Muska i mean Joe Tookmanian shredded for a bit
dreaming of saving money and eating donuts.
The Hale's have all types of shit for immature adults like us to have fun on
it wouldn't be a blog update without Took eating ice cream.
Josh Brown was there at Talent the next day
Skate Camp questionnaire

someone under 5 years old has a crush on Dan Pensyl
what a dirtbag
Abair was there talkin shit as always
Happy Camper
Happier Camper?

The brother's Hale
Sign my crutch bro

This lil dude was playing tons of ghostface on the juke box.
sweet kicks
like a pig in shit
snack time
doogal getting down on someone else's hard work
enough said.
The man behind 5boro in France, Luigi Gaydu is in town.
So is our bro Guillaume
Stanfield shot this photo of Akers and i had to poach it.
im pretty bored of doing this update so im gonna end it here with Luigi. Goodnight.

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