Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clean up the Banks 2009

a lot about nothing

this update sucks. If i were you i would close this window right now.

Come see Doogal plunge toilets at LIT every monday night.
Took is back? for now.
Hes back.
Barnes told us the Casino was giving away free money...So we went.
Senor y Senora Rodriguez
Barnes wanted to kill Turtle but he didn't for some reason.
J. Ricker was there to eat like a king as usual

Barnes got sidetracked by the dance floor
Then joined the band for an surprise version of Freebird
put a ring on that finger
rent paidZuek had a photo exhibit in Milan the other day
General T is a great man
Eddie Bautista made a one night appearance
So did that dude from the Shire
Rob squared

Uyeda and pooch

Bob Lim just came and smoked cigars while little kids did all the work.
Pitta is tall and has huge hands
Took actually gave a fuck look at the face of fury hes rockin
Akers hasn't heard of washing your paws before a meal.


Monday, April 6, 2009

livin in PENSYLvania

Andrew and Doogal
a family who skates together stays together
Doogal and Dougz
So we went to Dan Pensyl's hometown for a few days to get the full PA experience. 
Puke got real psyched off the bat

Doogal was over it and hoped on the next bus rock star style.
Pensyl with his pride and joy
Father and Son
Jagar the family dog
style for miles
Yoccos is the new Peter Lueger
let me get 5 months off my life please

lone wolf
So Pensyl brought us to his fav local watering hole which comes complete with a digi jukebox so we can bump all the highwaymen's hits.
oh yeah it was 1pm 
Walmart? why not were in the sticks right?
ear plugs?
Clay Pigeons?
We couldn't find the shooting range so we just pulled over and shot some off in a random field.
2 buck Koch

Andrew Po likes candy
Why not get drunk in front of a photo of yourself right?
oh yeah Mike Emerry was there.
you guys wanna do a Pennsylvania Car Bomb?
Which I guess requires puking it out directly after consumption
They love doing Korn songs at Karaoke bars in PA
Puke crashed the session and stole the show from this broad
Then put on some shades and serenaded us with an encore performance.
Day 2. Wonder what Pensyl has in store for us?
Work on some cars...
Catch some trout

Went to Po's and Emerry's joint suprise party which was actually really well organized.
They had cup cakes
all the party essencials 
the era of the goombah is upon us. If you don't know you will soon.
Jagar cold chillin
Did we skate? kinda.
Congregating in the back of a pick up truck is some real PA shit.
handstands reign supreme here
troubles a brewing
Lets just say some innovative shit went down

Pensyl mom saved the day and removed the tick from her favorite(and only) son.
Big Rog burns the evidence and we call it day.