Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goodbye Doogal Hello Frenchmen

The new Barnes has been keeping me updated lately.....
Classic Took
Doogal mde some life changes the other day and it started with his obnoxious wig

new man
killin it
Jersey legends in the flesh

Falla and his girl had a little shindig the other day

Then J. Doogs packed up and went to London

24 hours later the 5B French crew showed up
Kev, Ben, Falla and Puke
SteveR and that dude who has been in NYC for a week and didn't call us
Skating a war memorial on Memorial Day is a bad look
Chino blowout
scumbag. Later.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ricardo killing it in DR

Our homie Ricardo threw an event in DR the other day. Here are some flicks to peep.
Ricardo and some Dominican Broads
Who roofied who?
Only time will tell.....

Friday, May 15, 2009

pointless update

boring. seen it before bro.
Meet Rob Gonyon.
i heard these things come free when taking home a broad from Max Fish.
Trivs likes rain
plan b
aqua ripper
Grandpa and that dude who rides for us
Pensyl hurt his hand in a thumb war
Took always has a full plate
The new Barnes
New Jersey meets London

Falla telling a really interesting story. really.
You got that shit. 
old people are cool

10 car bombs deep
Davey Earf cold chillin
some dude

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gmoney Pro Party

New 5boro Pro Guillaume Dulout just had his going pro party the other day in France. I wasn't there but im gonna pretend i was.....

cop it
Guillaume and fellow Frenchmen

Movie time

Ben aka the laziest french dude i know was there.
Guillaume serving the crowd. Like all 5boro pros you still gotta have a day job....
Product toss after a heart warming speach
hit that shit son
after the party its the after party
Chardizzle and 5B's European overloard Luidgi Gaydu

Luidgi is a big fan of pasta
so is the man himself
Big thanks to everyone who made it happen. See you frenchies in NYC next week...