Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The hotels we started to stay at ended up getting trifer and trifer throughout the trip so Wi Fi wasn't really an option(or clean beds) so lets catch up on summer tour....

Bakers soft talking
eagle eyes
"Fuck man I'm tired of making people cool. Fuck, it took a year to make Jimmy cool"-J. Barnes.
I might be seeing shit but i think there is a dude with no clothes on in the background?
He can balance a nosegrind but not a checkbook, a job or a simple favor. That's why we love Ed Driscoll.
no wait it was a dude with no clothes on.
Falla texting his boo about Jimmy's bsts
i dunno.
smiles for miles
fuck bombing a hill when you can just watch your friends do it while you sit in an air conditioned car.

Barnes dropped $60 on these shitty fireworks that didn't do anything. Sweet.

The bomb burrito from 711 made an appearance. I think they only sell it to you when you are black out drunk at 3am.
Andy Pitts joined the trip at Amateur Athlete
artsy? nah just weird i think.
Cottle and Nick with a kreeper in the background.
Roberto Worrest was there welcoming us with opened tattooed arms.
Pitts, Falla and BK get all bromantic on this bench.
JoseFalla took all the flow dudes air mattresses and used them for himself. What a jerk.

"its 9am why not drink a beer"-Barnes
Akers gripping stance will insure all his boards look like shit. Hes got it down to a science.
Like Cappadonna, Barnes is a real thinker when it comes to is wardrobe.
Darren used that Anti Hero coosie while Pensyl just used his ankle brace. 
Fuck it, We haven't brought out the dodge balls in a while.
Ready to take out all your anger and insecurities on little kids?
Willy and Took sure are.
If they only knew a XL T-shirt wasn't worth it? Where would we be?
Doogal looks real tough in this photo.

Big ups to Nieratko and NJ Skateshop for hooking it up. 

"Dude i got no product in the toss.... hook me up"?-Waste of skin
"Do you have shit flavored Italian ice?"
 "ah ill just smoke a cigarette while i eat it. I hear that's just as good."-Puke

too much aggression was vented. Took is down for the count.
Driscoll was real psyched to get a pigeon tattoo but they didn't take New Hampshire food stamps at the Tat Spot.
Fuck it that works.

Falla likes white stuff. 
Nieratko's whip is easy on  the eyes
This sick child caught a fish and dragged it all over the parking lot for an hour. This kid is gonna be on the Maury Povich show for sure in 10 years.
Ran into my old roommate Bill Marshall who wouldn't get in the van with us for some reason.
July issue of Skateboarder 2007 page 124 met up with us. She still is living off that feeling.
Her angel of a mother baked us a cake.
Took with a cute cup.

So much for a sober lifestyle. BK has joined the darkside.

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