Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we love CD Skateshop

New Car? New Shirt? New Attitude!
Falla with a mini Lord Jamar
Pensyl makin power moves on the hands free head set.
Pensyl finds time to sign more autographs in the hood.
Robert Lim is back from KOREA!
Since the van is still in the shop Barnes drove this weekend. What a great guy.
traffic on the parkway is caused by beach bound meat heads. Its true.

killing it
Listen to the devil on your right shoulder? or the angel on your left? Decisions... Decisions. 
Pensyl is good at skateboarding.

Tim from Feet First knows how to handle a man-wich
nap time
great idea.
The 5 chosen ones formed like voltron that night at Enids.

The next day we met up and went to Staten Island for the day.
Even dudes who will potentially beat their wives love 5boro.
Met up with Shaolin's finest Zach Schwarz, AKA Blaster
nice tires
In between eating dog and doing corny shit with his girlfriend Robert found some time to practice his back tails while in Korea.
Luke fs feebs while Falla gives the Fonzie approval.
Hollywood Blaster
Shaolin Mallgrab

Big A was there but one of his front teeth took the day off.

Heat Stroke?

This dude has been lifting weights while looking in a mirror the past few months preparing for his showdown with Lorena.

who knew?


Barnes tried the hat on
trading places
thirsty mallgrab
Shirtless dude loved Luke's back noseblunt.
Master and Blaster
Big A loves Pepsi
Little A loves wigs
Things in the past have a funny way of coming back to haunt you.
Robert could tell you all about it.
Pensyl and Carolyn 
Dave hooked up some tattoos for the boys.
Happy customer
Pensyl got the his PA area code on his wrist so he doesn't forget it when he tries to call home.
Dan has been listening to alot of R. Kelly lately....
Luke got Keystone.......
To match his cute little biker he got a skater on the other side
One is obviously better than the other...
Big A got psyched and decieded to get some ink
Big A knows there aint nothin sweet out here

As if it was ever a question Big A is down for life.
I don't care where you live if you are gonna get a tattoo go straight to Ron and Daves Place on Manor Street in Staten Island. You are retarded if you don't.

I think thats Nesto in the background. I dunno.
Our bro Benjamin is in town from France.

One rolled ankle later
Akers took my phone and shot this photo. How artistic.

Crystal ball?


Anonymous said...

yo thanks for having my back on ur page

Anonymous said...

yo thanks for having my back on ur page