Monday, November 30, 2009

Southern Migration part uno

So Falla and I got in the van to start our drive to Florida. The last time Falla was in Florida is when he swam to the US 11 years ago.
Jimmy and Pensyl joined the crew a few hours later and we formed like voltron in the Chik Fillet.
Joe Brook stand up.

Little out of my price range but hey you cant put a price on comfort.
15 hours later we showed up a Kona.
Skate moms gotta made ends meet.

Here is Adam our FLA rep.
Don't look back.
Louie Barletta showed up for 5 minutes.
Evan Smith was there.

Dwayne Johnson
Sorry bro. You're cut off.

Crill hunter.
"Is it me or is this CVS bigger than others?"-Daniel Eduardo Falla

you want a 40? You gotta talk to my man first.

Whoever gets J. Barnes for secret santa this year, your gift search ends here.

sub par.
This dudes got it twisted like the branches in his family tree.
the investment.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

what do you post when you have a boring month?

great. falla's here.
the guy on the couch

Con Ed? 2 Thumbs up from Akers, 2 thumbs down from everyone else.
back seat crew
choose wisely
Rodz dropping science
why talk like humans when you can just facebook chat while in the same room?
handy mang
Ian, Seamus and Chris keeping it gully.