Friday, June 27, 2008

all hail Erik Munday

So the next day we went out to Enfield, CT to Erik Munday's Skatelair....

Perri and Kelly were at Demo the next day to eat some bagels and all that.
Munday knows how to sell his product and at the same time tell the kids what time it is.
J. Barnes and Munday
Cop that skatelair shirt while they're hot.
Cant remember who this dude was.
the best part about demo at the Lair is locking the kids out of the shop and drinking with the crew.

somethings not right here.
Akers has gotten pretty good at sweating over the years.
if you live close to Skatelair go there and spend all your money.
Pensyl and CT's finest Tato.
Product toss off the roof. Someone had a little trouble getting up there.

and someone had some trouble getting down as well
Tato asked me to take this photo
Beers for the road. See you at Tato's house.
Tato with his dead cat
bakers 5-0s in Tato's backyard.
Uncle Tato

Jimmy bs smithers
Pro as fuck
cat scratch fever

nothing a little Natty Light cant cure.
Tato with the grill kit
Swine covered scallops were pretty dope
story time.

Summer tour has begun. See you at Talent Skatepark.

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Anonymous said...

how classic is that shot of that kid who won the product toss? the timing on that picture couldnt have been more perfect. creepy.