Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are fucking hit

Cancer double time
Andy Bautista where you at?
Soon my friend.
The crew is hit.
Blessed with the sharp blade.

boo fucking hoo

We had a party for our friend David's birthday at Riot skateshop in BDX......
Yup that's denim.
The birthday boy!
Seb(Riot skate shop king) and Took(hes from Jersey if you didn't know)
Brooklyn's finest.
Ben pulled Joe's crippled body up from his wheelchair Chris Reeves style to take this photo.
74 harrison Ave, West Orange, NJ Stand Up.
Jimmy debuted the dance hit "the diggler" that night.
And the broads came rolling in.
Kev spits darts as well as game.
Lets just say we had a few and ended up walking 40 minutes to the house the wrong way. But hey we found this dope spot mid blackout.
Why yes they do have clueless dickheads in France if you didn't know.
We eat fish, tossed salads and make rap ballads.
Took hoped in the Delorian with Doc Brown and went to chill with Barnes in the year 2035.
Ham and cheese? no fucking way.

If it weren't for these two i would be dead in a french gutter.
Manaud and homie
Went to gypsy territory to skate a spot.
got the boot from the one armed guy(who now has a new arm) from Twin Peaks which was kinda cool.

Where is Justin Barnes?
smile you are french.
Grief just doesn't go away overnight.

Danny "im too two cheap to buy a bag(hey it was .85 cents)) Falla
Ham and Cheese? Another day and the life of a god damn boss.
Only dude i know to watch that 911 documentary hours before getting on an airplane.
Daid shot this photo of Ben when he was a little tyke. Nothing has changed. He's still a cocky fuck.
Pensyl got it backwards and turned his wine to water.David and G invited us to our first wine and cheese jumpoff.
Which by the looks of the Doogal it was a hell of a time.
Bruce Wayne on the horn.
Its so hard to say goodbye. Especially in French.
2 euro thrill.
the boys hit.
Pensyl and i parted at different gates and the rest of the crew flew out later in the day.
mile high eats.
reunited in the rain? Fuck our lives.
I ended up taking a $30 cab home solo while Joe took a ride in the mobile players club whip. trip over. BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HOOKED IT UP. Guillaume, Emanuel, Ben, Kevin, Seb, Shayanne, Pooch, the Riot Family, David Manud, Gaytone, Morgan, everyone else and of course our lord and savior Luidgi Gaydu.