Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Skate Lair Mafia

This is the 3rd straight demo i have picked up Barnes for that he hasn't brought his board.

bridging gaps in society 

Who knew Erik Monday was not only the toughest dude i have ever met but also a brownie baker of some sort? 
Since all those Am Ex commercial royalties have been rolling in we thought we would get Willy cleaned up Skate Lair Style....
Start with the wig that resembles the bottom of a broom after you sweep up the Brooklyn Banks.
Now with the pubic i mean facial hair....
get whipped with the old powder brush and call it complete. 
His days of dumpster diving and panhandling are over.

Akers then immediately lost in a freestyle battle.
Big ups for the welcome back fire works Mayor Bloomberg hooked up for when we crossed the border back into NYC.
Met up with the Gonyon......
Alligator Jump Off
what a considerate guest?
Almost got murked out by a retired boxer active crackhead the other day. But i lived.
When one deck begins a life.....
..another perishes from a neglectful owner....
you can say that again.
yup that's about right.
Caught Justin the other day when he was off Barnes duty. 
show me the money.

dreaming of the fat stacks above him.
Big and Bigger Took.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We out

we all had a vote and this was the asshole of the day winner. Congrats bro.
dance dance revolution
Singstar cult

Nugget and Took
Podium Slag sandwich
Mcguire is a serious showman

3am reflection
time to dip back to NYC.
1800 suicide 
had to go do some tourist shit before we left.
that thing

nice guy? Timebomb? the clock is ticking.
Pensyl decided to stay for a few days....
"Lindsay is gonna love this photo of the arch brah"
flow life
Took and i used to work in a factory that made these shelves for Lipton. Glad to see our hard work has payed off.
Apocalypse Akers
Even cops have myspace

15 hours, 4 five hour energy shots, 10 pounds of beef jerky and countless Redbulls later...
Akers broke out first in a hurry....
just when i thought it was over.