Thursday, September 30, 2010

5Back in the Day

Peep Akers part in Kinetic Skateshop's "Tally Ho" vid from 2004.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The classic "meet up" flick
Flow trash packed a lunch. Doogie gets Animal crackers to wrap up his 4 food group meal while Driscol's Dad packed Ed a bottle of Crown Royal and a Bud tall boy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

one of them days

Remember this dude? Let the stories begin.
Bringing hope to fellow addict's light at a time.
The Doogal and Marino
Educated the flow crew by showing them Eastern Exposure 3...If you are born after Wu Tang 36 Chambers came out you need a little helpful shove at times.
Finding a banana peal in the back of the car that has been there for 3 weeks? Thats B. Brown's calling card....O'Doyle Rules.
Tony's on Graham Ave. The only way to treat yourself after a long day of shuttling around the kiddies and sitting at the bottom of steps.

Monday, September 27, 2010

5boro supports Skateboard Design at The Aldrich Museum

Click here for more info

rainy dayz

Times is Trife
Sober and in the market for a new vice? Pensyl will show you the ropes.
its on
Killed it with Uyeda during a rain delay at Yankee Stadium the other day...
too soft for Took

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jimmy Interview up on the 'Es site

Peep Jimmy's welcome interview over at the 'Es Site

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5Back in the Day

Peep Dan Pensyl's classic part from New York, New York

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few Kodak moments with 5B Polish rider Michal Juras

So we got our Polish rider Michal Juras of Warsaw fame in town for a few weeks filming for his cameo in the new 5B video which we still are too lazy to name...

And man is the boy creative
Who knew a fanny pack could look somewhat cool?
Michal got to meet Scumbag/Soon to be entrepreneur childhood homie of mine Shawn Nelson. Thank got he brought his autograph pad.
big fan of sailors.
Make sure to peep Michal's part in Pontus Alv's new flick In Search of the Miraculous . And if you were wondering...Ponuts does show is ween a bit.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gonyon gets made

So as you know riding for 5Boro is kinda like joining a cult or the Mob... Like any company/crew, many have come and gone, but those who get their "button" are down for life. Until the day you get hit by a city bus...or you decide to get that pigeon covered up with a Birdhouse tat you are stuck with us one way or another.
Enter Flow Trash Rob is his day....
Took the unexpected flow trash out for a sushi din din.
He tried to play it cool but i could see Rob was pretty creeped out in this man-date scenario.
As Rob ate his fried ice cream the crew assembled in Queens at True Blue Tattoo to surprise him upon our arrival.
One block away and everyone's not there yet? Better take the old stall every time.
Ive never seen anyone that psyched to see Pensyl and everyone loves that dude.
Bro embraces began.
The Brothers Flannel
Take the bicep beaten path of McDoogal, Akers, and Falla?
Akers left mid haircut so he could make it on time.
Call Homeland Security. Akers Psych-Level back up to hot pink.
Rob took the road less traveled and became the first guy to get the pigeon on the ribs. yup the rest of us are all pussies...
Congrats bro! you are stuck with us.
Doogies on deck?
Then this dude got one to cover up his Spring Break 2002 tat.
Took opted for some Uzi Pinky Ring shit.
Married to it.
Akers girl Brooke couldn't make it so she sent her love in card form.
we OUT