Wednesday, July 29, 2009

its 5 Oclock somewhere

The bossman starting the day off strong.
Riding shot gun with Barney.....
great minds think alike.
Anti Freeze shower
5B armgaurd
Akers always makes a friend.
"Yup thats my name brah"
Andrew Cannon is a hell of a guy to get drunk with.
Bakers and Caswell killed a few braincells
down and out percussion 
Look who's flight got cancelled?
SteveR and Mikendo lurk stance
clean up crew
Bottles be poppin 
the come up.
After winning $1,100 at the Casino SteveR's second flight was cancelled. Money cant buy you luck my friend. 
Cannon was psyched to have SteveR back though.
now lets try this again...

time to hit tha road eh?
home sweet home 
Took a little detour on the way back to NYC.
Yup thats right....Disco bowl.
Barnes had the ill stance.
muchos zappatos mang
Akers makes good of any situation.
peace to the gods. See you next week in St. Louis.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

look alive boys...a storms a brewing ahead of us

Bug ups to Jeremy Elkin for housing 7 scumbags in his house for 4 days....
Don't be scared just be prepared for the worst
Big O face
bird shit shoulder=good luck i hear
Elkin taking cover
The beer delivery guy showed up
Board abortion
5boro custom ankle braces available now.
Hill bomb aftermath
Number of the beast
Jimmy was right. Barnes is a jock and a half.
Fine tuning 
taking some 30 packs for a afternoon stroll is normal when you smoke Meth or live in Canada.
boo hoo
Good morning
have we got a treat for you.
We all need some alone time to collect our thoughts on trips.
What's tougher than nails again?
Sweet Toof tookmanian
We got 2 words for you bro. weed.
Hatched lobber
fs bail slide
Our boy Chubs made his way to the spot.
and introduced us to his good friend the boot.
French toast 'Shire style
Happy Campers
ran into this fine young gentleman off the highway exit
"give me some toonies young blood"-that guy
its so hard to say goodbye. Thanks Jeremy.
Dropped the kiddies off at the park then went to handle some bizness.
Ladies and Gentleman Andrew Cannon.
Puke and Pensyl 
center of attention
"Ah Brah..yous never heard of Jersey?"
Gotta get up with the times nah mean?
Ed hurt his paw
Went out to Dinner and made the Valet dude take shots with us.
salud mang
Then we got serenaded by out waitress. Hell of a voice on this one.
who knows? Took could be wearing that hat for a living soon. 
Disgruntled Valet proceeded to get loaded and talk shit about how he was gonna punch his boss in the face. Go for yours bro.
Our bro Pocohontus rolled up to say earp.
Nothing taste better than slamming a beer before it gets snagged by security. 
Picked up the bossman at the airport the next day...
Big A met us at the contest. 
Stump Rock
There he is. 
Willy got a hole in his knee.
So he had to recuperate in the parents section.
Spent Mother
Deegan spitting the truth.
fuck yous
Father and Son
Beats me.
Stage barge

Nueva Jersey
Cannon's new back tat. PEACE.