Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Mall Grab Day 2008

Joe Tookmanian
Darren quit his job the other day so im predicting his blog exposure meter will sky rocket...
Curtis has really small camera
Had the itch and went to the best chicken spot in jersey the other day.
Took got down
i got a weight loss contest with SteveR going on right now and this meal pretty much sealed the deal for me to loose. Fuck it, charge it to the game.

Andy Fruitista
Go Skateboarding i mean Go Mallgrab Day was the other day. To be honest after this day i dont even find them funny anymore. It was like a sick dream.
East Coast meets Far East Coast
Makin power moves mallgrab
this dude was giving us the jazz hands for some reason
psyched. Peep the soul blader on the right.
Grandpa was psyched i mean bummed.
hey lets take a photo why not right?
lets throw Dogbone and Akers in there and make this photo more interesting
Waters had a bunch of crazy shit he was taking photos with.
Doogal murking some pizza meal and pensyl with this cute bike
Nar Nar
Jeresy Throwers Skegs and Bill Spice made an appearance.
Luke got psyched and pushed mongo the whole way across the bridge.
female doog rag wearin mallgrab
trotting mallgrab
shirtless staggering mallgrab
"if there wasnt a fence id jump off this bridge and end it" mallgrab
"do you know which way dckc i mean ckdc is?" mallgrab
redheaded step child mallgrab
aqua mallgrab
no shame in my game key chain mallgrab
this dude is so advanced he can throw his board down from a mallgrab stance
over the shoulder thirsty mallgrab
one suk
mohawk mallgrab shoots the shit with wifebeater mallgrab
two handed mallgrab
king of mallgrabs
striped mallgrab

microphone dome mallgrab
Mikendo and Limbot
Driscoll came to town and the first thing he saw was a mallgrab crossing the street.
post kreepy hug
Filmbots: Derek, Mark and Limjob
Dew York City
Limjob with a dope eraser dome in the backround
wife beaters and mallgrabs are like peanut butter and jelly
Luis has been doing mad sit ups so he can wash his clothes on them abs.
The future isnt looking bright. Im fucked.
Punk in Drublic
B. Nells sure has cleaned up his act quite nicely.
Ashamed Vested mallgrab. Peep my man James Frankhouse in the background killing it.
instant bummer
caught in the act mallgrab
Jimmy, Falla and Megan were so perplexed about all the mallgrabs they couldn't event smile for this photo.
triple mallgrab. Talk about blazing trails.
comparing mallgrabs
Willy Akers gives birth to this fs slappy.
Every good day ends with Chipoltle. Later.


GhetoBurd said...

Tombo...that made my day. Mallgrab is one of the best skate terms every invented and you just took it to a level that no one will touch...nice work.

YourLifeIsMyLife said...

ahbaha so funny with the mall grap lol

Daniel said...

Jesus, talk about mall grab

Anonymous said...

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