Monday, July 28, 2008

am getting played

Buffet life
Why skate the spot when you can eat at it right?
Falla met up with us then didn't get in the van for Montreal. How convenient.
ah we been on the road for 25 minutes let take a break.
Roy Munson
Doogal is on a bowling team in Philly i swear
Willy earth tone Akers came as well
fun right?
Jimmy plays by the rules
man's man
stash strokkin
Willy brushes his teeth? ill believe it when i see it.
the french dude uses a hair dryer.
Someone stole Willy's board right before his run and left him with this sweet set up.
pay to play

Canadian brew= American paint thinner
Group drinking shot. Looks like we don't skate on 5boro trips anymore.
reunited and it feels so good
J. Barnes had a hell of a time
Pensyl won the drinking portion of the contest
wait what the fuck? Are these dudes actually skating?
Pensyl can do nosegrinds with a broken ankle
yup that's rain
This weird looking dude just appeared at the session somehow. i don't get it.
the waiting game
Willy and Will in 25 years
poppin bottles yowoke up and Ben was already waiting at the van in his pjs
myspace?Faebook?Eharmony? nah Redtube.
We met up with Stanfield and he wouldn't get in the van with us. I thought we were friends.
everyone has these hats nowadays.
sweet leak
Took's old girlfriend was there in poster form
border jumping. We suck at this.

Well that was s rough one. See you never.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After the fact

Darren's apartment is full of shit that would make little kids smile while taking their yearbook photo.
Akers, Big Tim Nelson and Puke.
Tommy Halligan and Akers
I think Darren is skating a new deck on top of an old one. I don't get it but i like your style.
don't ask me i dunno
way to waste money on a wack art exhibit.
Nikwen got to NYC and hasn't stopped eating pizza since.
Film a line with Akers and this is how your boards will look.
And this is how his shin will look.
sleeping asians
what a dickhead
Guillaume and Le Luigi
Stephan and crew eat more pizza

Ben joined us a few days later
someone is gonna let us live in their building?now way!
Nar Nar eating some bland ass chicken from Bedford ave. that place sucked.
Denim blowout
Jose has a dope dolly system these days
nothing like getting to the party 4 hours late.
royale with cheese
"there is a Chinese man scratching up my steps send a car right now"-old bag.