Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hard Times in AZ Town

So you wake up in Scottsdale, AZ and your are not only hungry/thirsty you are also feeling this recession hard in that bank account. What do you do? Ricky Geiger has a solution.
Head over to the local SafeWay and make sure to bring that empty Starbucks water cup from yesterday or one you found in the trash.
First pick out some Gourmet bagels that the nice people at Safeway have made or loaded out of a truck.
Don't be shy. Get in there and get the good ones.
Then head over to Starbucks bagels in hand...
get a "refill" on that water cup but tell them it was an ice coffee
shell over that $.54
walk out the front door without paying for those bagels like a true GNow if you want to throw salt in that wound why don't you just eat your free meal right in front of the establishment.
Like i said Meth is huge here. You can find the owner of this car making drug runs from AZ to Nevada or mowing his lawn at 3am.
Way to start out the day
take turns
anytime is crail time
almost didn't notice that 7ply wing in the back
Dan V is on a "diet".
5B trust exercises are kinda scary
T Bizzle

this spot doesn't look fun
Sugar? Crack? same thing right?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

AZ throwers

Hell froze over and we got a skate photo on this thing
Brad schools Akers
ohhhh weeee
twisting up cancer
Met up with our good bro James who we haven't seen in over 6 years
While we kept skating and he became a man's man

Ricardo Geiger
AX thrower burrito session

James is that kind of dude who showed up to the first day of 8th grade with tattoos.
Took haggling for dat cream
Front board and the crowd goes wild i think
damn Crystal Meth is pretty big out here. Later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

NYC-AZ in 46 hours

So yeah NYC is pretty much the worst place ever right now.
Barnes and Rosa aren't feeling this weather.
Its snowing on Manhattan Ave and im not talking Jorge Geetos.
made a quick stop real quick
Went to the middle of nowhere and picked up this pile

hometown hero

Took broke out the Foreman in Indiana

St. Louis-The home of whack rappers and that dude Ozzie Smith.
bad call

Found this dude on the side of the road in AZ
William Charles Akers Jr. was already out there on an Ax Throwers trip....
so were these Jersey greats
Bakers on Joel's bike

Andrew grabbed a Tecate instead of his board
"weed is so cool"-Akers
Burrito time
Wilmington, DE 's finest 
Went with Took to Walmart. What's wrong with this photo?
Pillow tester
Putting the ine cream by the check out counter always gets Took.