Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Teenfest and other random happenings

Tookmanian sighting the other day.
Akers just chills on my roof when he stays over and creeps out the neighbors.
After School Wallride
Pensyl giving a flail clinic
there we go
young ripper
This kid had some weird stuff written on his helmet...
Falla's new hat is a hit even with the 9-12 year old demographic.
backwards tail bail
Met up with NYC's grumpiest photographer the other day, Not gonna mention any names.
I guess Pensyl has love in the streets

Our red haired friend decieded to join us for a the day. what a treat.
To go along with the hat Falla got a hip new phone so he can text his girl twice as fast.
Pass the blame
Choi and Brian
Picked up the rental van the other day to head up to Vermont/Canada for the weekend to do some demos at Teenfest 08.
Barnes had his own plan for us when we got up there.
The first van drove like shit so we copped a new one....

Somehow they brought back the Great White Hype from the dead and rented it to us for the weekend.
10 minutes into the drive we deceided we have been on the road for too long without eating.
Falla asked me to take his photo infront of this. So yeah here it is. Happy?
You can take the yokel out of Deleware but you cant take the Deleware out of the yokel.
This old dude is pretty much asking for it.

Akers has a widdow's peak if you guys didn't know
Barnes has been watching that life of ryan show a lot so he's trying to get swole before the demo

Talent Skateshop in South Burlington Vermont is fun

worst pizza ever
we went into some bar blasting dave mathews band so we all threw down 20 dollar bills and decieded to bum these hippies out musically by playing the whole trapped in the closet series all night.

Abair made this dude drink a whole pitcher of beer because it was his birthday. We thought it was funny till we realized we had no more beer.
Falla and Abair
Pensyl almost fought this dude with the pink T but then decieded to cuddle with him for a photo
falla got a little drunk
So drunk he forgot how to walk
Pensylvania and Peru unite

Falla's new hat can make anything look cool

Akers needs to stop washing his clothes on high heat.

i was still seeing double from the night before
packed house
nothing like that old national anthem to put you to sleep
Barnes got on the mic and bummed everyone out except for me falla and pensyl.
Falla was nervous doing this fsbs in front of such a big crowd but he managed to overcome his fears and stomp it for the cheering crowd.
Barnes started a band as well while we were up there
Burton had a booth. It was about as interesting as you could imagine it was.
They did have some paintball guns there to take some anger out.
The road ahead.....
This dude was there. Why? i have no clue.
This place has jousting capabilities

and a huge basketball

Girls with huge mucles and 5:00 shaddows kicked balls at Barnes's head for a while.
Falla got this baloon for filling out an application at Friendlys. What a deal.
Day one...mission accomplished.
Birthday sundae at Nintey Nine which is one of VT's finest establishments
Border time
Pensyl and The Boss take photos of Akers buggin out in the booth next to us.
There he is.
Dan? yeah. Dan.

SteveR got down with the agression clinic the next day

SteveR won a free dates with Miss Vermont but then saw what she looked like and traded it in for 20% off his next meal at Denny's.
really psyched
Psych level off the charts
Akers found these donuts in the dumpster but didnt have the heart to tell Falla...
post throw down cheers
Akers obviously was way too psyched he couldn't make up his mind so the women just gave him the swirl. Good call.
Over the shoulder hood metal head mall grab
Judd and some bros from Sacto are in town for a week. If you see them around buy em a beer.
flat spots are cool
Safety orange roller blader sighting
who knows. Later.

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