Monday, February 23, 2009

Bogota numero tres

So for some reason we had to get a new van for a day....
Had a very homely seating arrangement i might add
gringo rojo bombin
"yous guys got total eclipse of the heart on this"-Took
bro cam
dead fireman
cream pusher
yup thats infected
T-rex vacation statusdon't do crack kids 
Took is making a B.Brown voodoo doll i think
im sure it will come in handy someday.
more meat
Steady Eating Crew en la casa

oh yeah so we had a demo and everyone was hurt. This is gonna be interesting
Mike Mike's autograph just reached Pete Rose status.
master of disaster
Jaime schralping while on SteveR duty.

This guy wasn't impressed by Took's nosewheelies for some reason
Did dreams come true for Dan Pensyl fans?
Jenkem has finally hit South America and its taking over

ma man

these things
doubled up
The van then got swarmed by hundreds of kids and they starting shaking it and tagging it. Tight.
good god. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bogatanga part 2

So yeah we are still in Bogota for a few more days with the crew.
Mike Mike 
Too fast....
stop light watermelon
same skin color and everything
B. Brizzle and James
lone whaler
taste test some meat
passed the test
flows like water
this place was mad barbaric and didn't have forks and knives. Made you feel like a real man.
joe squared
me and this dude who looks exactly like my dad.

eyes closed portrait.

Pensyl and da boss
faster than the 5B van
groundbreaking tricks went down
how cute.

el sweeper
Pensyl halo beanie
the man
this woman was selling serious just look.
im going to a party and im the only one invited
sanding wood?
old school foreman grill
Colombian mall grab
Took and da boss
jumping down stuff is cool if you like that sort of thing
el boot
Took got a boo boo