Saturday, March 21, 2009

over it yet?: The Final Peru Update

Never going home.
its so hard to say goodbye
Our Hostel Host who was an angel of a lady.
So like how did my photos come out?-pensyl
heading back to Lima for a day then heading back to the old big apple.

nobody likes to sit next to the kid with smelly feet 
last suppertornado of enthusiasm 
All couches are inverted at the embassy if you didn't know.

B. Brown has been below the equator a long time. 
lets clean the floor with the dog
your not fooling anyone Epik i know you cant read.
not feeling it?-Joe Took
Hasta luego

home we come
Wow that was a rough one. Big ups to everyone who made sure we didnt get shot and killed down there. James, Jaime, Fun Skateboards, David Michael Mitchell and the whole crew in Colombia. Epik, Peter, Factory Skateshop, Batman, Strubing, J. Ricker, the entire Peru crew, and of course Joe Brook and GRACIAS AMIGOS.

another Peru update? Why?

clackity clack.
nothing like cooking with a baby on your back

jumping and stuff
the future
took and brook

Barnes getting blessed my this old broad

can i hablo at you real quick?-Barnes
show off

This kid was trying to kill his dog so Took confiscated it.
seriously this kid was fucking evil. Just look at him.
J. Brook shralping the streets
mother nature
Strubs drinkin that potion 
who knew?
mandatory push ups for kids who wanna steal your board
psyched. One more Peru update i think so check back manana. 

Peru part 4 mang..the Mach

Got to Machu Pichu at 530am just in time for them to confiscate my VX and my pride....
Doogals next Myspace default
I mean they are just ruins right?
rocks we got em


Pensyl and bro
like i said before. Groundbreaking.

ruin rodent
the ill photog stance belongs to Doogal

Deep thoughts with J. Strubs

photo of a photo of a photo. Yup we are getting bored here.

mass media around that neck

I think we already broke the first rule
Besides Strubing, Took and pretty much everyone else Pensyl and I were in first place!
jump? I would have.
someone get the Crisco.
Took is into danger slumber.
We made it!
J. Breezy
sometimes a man has got to do some thinking.

J. Ricker and Took
Peep Sweet Waste in the background in his climbing gear
more of these things
nobody will buy this woman's kid. What a shame.
yeah that's not a postcard folks. The Iphone is that good. More Peru updates tomorrow.