Monday, October 5, 2009

the waiting game

someones back in 3rd grade rocking those wheel graphics proud.

ran into Miguel Miguel the other day.
this master of the custodial arts had a lot on his mind...
whats wrong with this photo?
France came to NYC for 10 days.

Thursday night is J. Barnes' Monday Morning.
"Damn that shot of piss was gross"-Jimmy
Got a grant to use all these state of the art cameras on the new 5B video. They can give any skate video the priceless feel of one's first steps, Christmas or Birthday party.
streets on fire bro and it only cost $4 and some loss of pride at KCDC.Biz was handled. make the call
Pop Quiz: Which one of these guys have a deep rooted hatred for Americans?
Picture Darren Rollin
"You were that guy out there killing the wallride right?"-little kid
"Yup. Guilty as charged."-Darren
Hes back.
Anger management for fetuses.
get it out little guy get it out.
College students on the 10 year program are welcome as well.
Did i ever tell you Rob Gonyon is the truth?
Andy is up on all the new joints.
Steph cant get enough MSG.
G. Money is obviously the life of the party.
From bigspins to big biz, Doogal has a monopoly on his hands.
General Tso would probably be a good dude to get a beer with and talk about life.
Burger King is to Rafael as Mobb Deep is to everyone in Brazil.
My bro Andrew from childhood came by the other day.
Smoothie Stance.
Paid ass Brazilian.
Bought the 5B imports their first Malt Liquor the other day and boy were they jumping for joy.
Going to the bowl is like being on that show Survivor but you cant vote off Jimmy after his first run.
Pre game for the rest of October.

Pensyl's new ink.
Long embraces
Ran into everyones least favorite ginger deadbeat of a skater who gets food stamps while you pay taxes. Curtis Rapp!
5 years pro? Time flies when you are...dont really know what to say here.
Smoothie Stance by morning Gotti Stance by night. Joe Took.
Welcome back Ed Driscol.

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