Friday, October 23, 2009

Enter Barnes Enter Carnies

The mood is about to change.

Luidgi and Took
Ben not skating while David makes power moves.
Tom Hanks stand up.
A match made in heaven
we made it
These frenchies obviously didn't see what happened to Tom Hanks after he messed with this thing. He turned gay and got AIDS in that one movie then he got thrown on that deserted island while his dentist banged his wife in that other movie. This thing is bad news my man.
Too much of anything makes it a habit

Barnes brought some of his vices with him on this trip. Some not pictured.
Aggression venting meter.
Took realized he was slippin when he saw what level these kiddies were on.
The hiring process at the carnival is much like the employee screening over at 5boro. Degenerates are welcomed open arms.
Classy Craft
The new(er) Barnes
two rivals met, spoke their minds, and left as brothers.

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