Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a snoozer.

Seems to be the topic lately in the streets?
The Waste
Jimmy hating in the mecca of all hate.
Tooth blessed us with his presence.
Yes that's magic and yes it has existed for about 2000 years.
shitty city people
Weibust can do backtails good i mean well i mean stupid good.
The subway stop of the beast.

Do you know what really grinds Gonyon's gears? Everything.
"money makes me go away"-that guy
Breakfast of scumbags. Salt and Vinegar jump offs.
Lunch of Slobs.....
...the McSwinewich
Akers? Not such a hit in the 65 and older demographic.
Pensyl putting the movies on my camera bag. Times are tough i guess.
met up with the Boss at his church the other day and got in line for communion....
Jimmy calling the Chips Ahoy TM and thanking him for the fat box. bro
Shit be calling me like the crack be calling Pookie. Anthony is a hell of a guy.
Was taking a photo of Jimmy then got hit with this text from Jersey.
Dan V and the poor man's Dan V(Jimmy)
Davey Lee!
Jersey was there.
John Candy would be psyched on Zach's luge tactics,
La fuerza de los Retardos
We back in biz.
Why skate a spot when you can just stand next to it and soft talk to your girl? That's just as cool right?
Marcus Manoogz with that tree hugger jump off.
post meal rejoice
Some have the Bible. Others have the Torah or Koran. We have Hitch.
Rob got his first drinking in public ticket the other day. Good job bro its downhill from here.
Am i right or am i right?
yo no se
Priority seating for insert semi mean comment here.

Rafael from Brazil is here in town for a few weeks. If you see him out get him a beer or another empanada.
He got to see his first Uptown Scuffle pop off.
Akers is that guy who pets your dog on the subway.
Once again.
We got a new roomie!
crank muscle
At least someone has their priorities straight these days.
Big ups to Zuek and the free japanese brew.
We pulled Took away from his recently purchased cable last night.
Happy birthday Patrick Buckley.
Strubs has this new drink thats about to drop on the market and i hear its full of minerals.
Pig in shit. We are out.