Friday, October 9, 2009

Bourdeaux the prequal

Schralped a pool with some shitty dudes the other day.....
Ginger to the second power.
Olive Garden? Free Salad and Breadsticks?
Bottomless Pasta bowl?
Pensyl and the Mexicutioner took advantage of this amazing deal.
The Conman was also a happy camper if you cant tell by this blurry Iphone photo.
Northside Car Service where their slogan is "Its better to look good and loose". We may get lost going to JFK but we wont stress it.
10 hour solo layover in BCN was pretty uneventful.
decisions decisions.

My two favorite frenchies were there to greet me with open arms.
Kevin Rodz is in this gnarly French cult called the Blobys where you gotta drink Kool Aid and kill a man to get in.
G Money and his girl were kind enough to invite us into their lovely home for a few weeks.
They don't have 2 buck chuck from Trader Joes in France so we had to settle for great tasting, good quality wine. Shucks.
SP woke up from his coma to throw down some pasta with the crew.
AM workout session.
Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes.
Guillaume gave us the tour of his hometown.

dick water.
Down the street? Talk about a spoiled man.
In France they send hot chicks to kick you out instead of the normal overweight, hostile security guards we see in the states. They might be onto something here.
I didn't ask Kevin to make this smoochie, jersey girl face in this flick but some people take matters into their owns hands.
Don't know how to say Dogs in French but fuck em.
Fun and Games.
"fuck yous"-that guy doing a Joe Tookmanian impression.
Very impressed with G's Iphone compared to the prepaid piece of shit, Zach Morris jump off he has been running in NYC for past few years. The man has style.
Curious company.
You are not gonna be believe this guys. Even the photo poachers are hot in France. Get outta town.
gangsta lean
Went by and chilled at Riot Skate shop and ate some fast food that was actually delivery which was not that fast i guess. Above is Riot shop dog Pooch. He's tight.
Guillaume started telling me the story about this place but i just nodded and looked at the water instead of listening to the history lesson he was spitting. So yeah here is this cool park with a spray fountain.
nollie double heel flip tailslide 270 out. no biggie.
that was tight right?
Remember the 5B France rider that comes to the US for months every year and only skate for 2 days the whole trip? Yeah he's pretty much the same in France.


dirk diggler said...

im leaving the only comment ever on the blog!!! I can't wait to get out there. gotta shred!!! women are scum

Sean said...

i want to see some naked chicks and more pictures of willy akers PLEASE. im a horny 21 year old virgin with an improper kickflip