Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 days in Espana

Took packed his essentials for a 5 day trip to Spain.
Same with G.
Much like Rob Gonyon. David is the truth.
smart dumb cat

Pensyl found this dope tranny at the beach but...
then just ate a crepe and called it a day.

swine by the masses
aint nothin sweet out here.

the boy is back

Feeding time

we got guns.

Vincent blessed the crew with his presence for a few days.
Took acid the other day and i guess i shot this photo. Weird.

boo boos
shark week?
ups across the globe.
the locals are pretty territorial and booted us from the spot so we moved on...
yup this spot exists.

Self inflicted facebook jumpoff
someone took all the numbers off the balls so we went back to France. PEACE.