Monday, September 7, 2009

Meet the Gonyons

Akers likes to give us the play by play.
The runt of the litter
SteveR was telling this story then this guy had a seizure who was sitting next to him. Nothing new i seen it before.
Jimmy went back to Mecca i mean DC i mean Bethesda, Maryland.
making a smoothie never looked so tough....
...sitting shotgun never looked so soft......
So we drove up to the Catskills to chill with 5boro Flow Rider Rob Gonyon's family.
Nothing like chopping wood under those colors that don't run.
Rob's Dad Chris and his bro Ralph were there to welcome us with open arms and a cooler full of Bud.
Crotch RocketsTook and the Gonyon Family Dog "Gucci Mayne".
Akers and every one's favorite next door neighbor with childhood attention issues since Dennis the Menace....Joey!
Gray Poupon and all that
Like all weekend excursions lately...there is always a death defying leap involved.
Father and Son battle gravity.
One wrong turn and your fucked.
say word.
the sign says Closed asshole.
lil Joe broke into mommy's liquor cabinet and had a field day.

ego infested hot dog
I said beer me
Fuck Bobby McFerrin
Burning trash is the answer to all our problems.
Guess who's back on the corn syrup tip?
Mr. Gonyon murking the grill.....
Mother and Son.

Big thanks to the Gonyon's, Ralph, lil Joey, Gucci and everyone who hooked up our 24 hour vacation. We owe you big time.

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