Saturday, September 5, 2009

memories of an uneventful week

So yeah this blog update is the pits. Enjoy.
Back by popular demand..... ladies and gentlemen the mall grab.
Kalio and Took
Wu tang sword style
Took gave up pushing. he don't walk he gets carried.
Tooth and crew killed it the other night.
I don't get it but someone does.
2 of the 4 chosen ones
The Nord
no shame
you cant get to where your going unless you know where you came from.
Lets just say some shit went down.
Upstate ginger sensation now carries around a tree in his book bag. Everyone has their breaking point in NYC.
11:58 Times Square...Took cops some cream.
5 minutes later...part 2.
watermelon mall grab
The boss is hooked.
Doogal and G Wallace
function over fashion
coming soon....
Father figure
90 percent of taste is aroma
Peep the dude with the 5 kangol in the background
Pete Lueg's to go
Go see Doogal Bar Back at Lit lounge every tues and thurs.....Its lonely at the top when you are a professional.

Just like Killah Cam Barnes' closet is a pet cemetery.

I heard FOB is doing a reunion tour. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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