Tuesday, September 15, 2009

is this update necessary?

Cluck U Chicken? Get in our lives. Seen The Spits play the other day. They killed it. Williamsburg, BK will do strange things to a man. PNC's Sober Turtle is awesome because he will throw down any amount of money at a Jukebox to bum out people having fun at the bar. Barnes left his snowball fight in Hell early to come skate with the crew for the first time since 2005. Jimmy called home to tell the tale. Jumbo Jumpoff Jimmy had no friends growing up so thats why he can do back noseblunts every try. Long Dong Kowalski Oh yeah i got robbed the other day. It was pretty dope. They left the thousands of dollars in lighting equipment and took the 2nd generation ipod and im pretty sure a few pee bottles ended up missing. dios mio mang Windows? Dreams? they all shatter the same way. Rob Gonyon skipped school for the day so he could hook my missing window up with a Hefty bag Queens style. out Yes that is a coons skin cap. lets just skip lunch

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