Saturday, August 30, 2008


"Bon Voyage ya Doosh bagz"-Big Took
Packing the coffin
The crew and our lovely landlady Anne.
After a 2 month stay Ben finally went back to France. We miss you bro.
Akers' touchy feely relationship with Jared makes Tookie a little uncomfortable.
"They got skeet ball in there mang?"-Falla
Nothing like loading your gut with a swine roll up.
Friends help friends do stuff

Took has been skating with a broken toe. Get that thing checked out bro.
Akers handles some chow while Doogal punches in.
gotta love that poutine
trail blazin
Lyndsey's new shop is pretty dope. She's come along way from the days of letting us pile up all the soft goods for sale and making beds out of em.
my hero
Lyndsey and Falla
Good god. 
bluntslide pre-ankle roll. Doogal was psyched.
Doogal was getting all emo and wouldn't sit with the crew.
we brought Zander with us for the week.
We drove an hour into the middle of nowhere.
it was some blair witch shit for sure.
Doogal and our bro James who looks like a very educated individual. Must be the smart guy glasses.
beaten paths are for beaten men
Falla was over the hike and wanted to get a ride. Hope you know the rules of the road bro.
I didnt think it was gonna be worth it at this point.
hmmm ok nevermind.

Zander getting some rays
tookmaniac fs 5s
perivian crail
Akers jumped in the water which im pretty sure was a bad idea.

Holy ground.
tool timeThe dooker. 
Westfall and Akers
Akers stumbled upon a rape scene. gross.
Why would you steal $3 worth of stuff from a supermarket? Because you can.(and its the same price at the dumpster out back)
We met up with a fine young gentleman who just so happens to sleep at this spot.
Sweet kicks.
We drove by Niagra Falls which actually isn't that impressive.
Border time.
We drive right to Albany to the Shelter for a 3 day skatecamp. Heres our bro Cam teaching the youth.
Armin hooked it up and we went to the pool

Akers creeping out Armin.
Akers is always that dude in the bushes.
That Bo Turner interview is something else.
Armin and Curtis"i got food stamps now" Rapp
"whippersnappers"- that old guy.
the teenage boot. Nothing like getting kicked out to by someone who was born after 36 Chambers came out.
Goodbye fatigue Hello Diabeties. 

An inspiration to all of us.
Happy Campers
Have you seen him?
In true jersey fashion Took got dropped off on the side of the highway.
clever novelty plate

Pay to play. 

BIG THANKS to Cam, Armin, Scott and Chris from the Shelter, Lyndsey, Nathan, James, Pat and Jimmy from Toronto. Hardee's poutine for giving me higher blood pressure than i already had and all the skips, scags and scally wags. Later.

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