Tuesday, August 12, 2008

demos,celebs and slobs

i only got one bar of internet right now so i gotta make this a quick one. enjoy.

ol doogal
That Fedora has done wonders for Falla's skill level. really steppin it up at this curb.
Tugman Joseph Tookmanian
5b tripple beam supreme team

new recruit
Lim punches in and chugs this whiskey.
Doogal has been doing some freelance since he moved to BK. 

We might go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond if we have enough time.
Not the most exciting dude to have in shot gun.
He only wakes up for scenic overlooks then goes right back to sleep.
He's back. and Frencher than ever.
"what! We get wristbands dudes!"-enthusiastic Akers
"Do you know Bam?"-kid
"oh nevermind"-kid
Joe likes stuff
corrections were made and everyone is happy
Pensyl's pro model tshirt
France beat Peru in air hockey. It was a real tear jerker.

snot flavored soda. I think its made by those dudes who make RC cola.
Ran into Juddy in New Paltz on the way home.
Next day we took a 90 hour train ride up to the Hamptons for some fundraiser.
Long Islander mid nose pick.
SteveR cant believe this mall grab. 
Free food and beer. Barnes is lovin it.
If Mini Me was there you know its a total A-List event.
Jon Bon Jovi makes Jersey look bad but man is he a nice guy.
cant stop wont stop
Barnes and the Birdmang.

Smile dude you rich. Barnes and Russel "bummer" Simmons.
the food was worth the 2.5 hours on the train. Ill follow anyone into hell for a free cheeseburger.
They boom boom hucked for awhile. 
The bitter end. Im scared.
sweet mochillas.
is that a fingernail?

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szeto said...

sweet UFC carrying cases! haha