Sunday, August 3, 2008


Ben's JohnHancock
too fast too furious
our baby boy is now an adult.
what the hell is buglaria? 
"thats bulgaria bro."
guess who?
Jimmy likes to water his garden
why not piss on the first spot?
Met up with Zachariah lyons in DC
"yeah my wallride was pretty sick huh?"
upper body strength takes you to the top

Puke killed it
hey big spender
Got Ben some French beer to make him feel at home.
smoking cigarettes is pretty gross
After a pack a day Ben has to brush a little harder than the rest of us.
Luis can ollie high
Tookie and Boo
Dbo and that french dude
Puking in the free beer cooler didnt go over too well but i thought it was hilarious
Nothing like a little home surgery
Barnes bums out the hand that feeds us

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