Thursday, August 28, 2008

really slacking

This is me in 20 years blowing it and not updating the blog.
rainbows are gay
Jesse and our backyard contraption
Bakers Baked

egss aren't good in the wave
Falla innovating.
Dear Diary....
Ben showed up at the new crib after not skating for 2 weeks. Way to take advantage of your time in NYC bro. 
old man Pensyl.words of wisdom
Who needs chairs when you got linoleum.
These dudes fixed my van in traffic. 
someone didn't get the memo

5boro special security 

SteveR led a very informative prayer service 
Took's Skateshop's own Egor was there killing it as always
Fuck that dude who rocks a speedo for fun, Akers is a true American hero.
Pensyl is celeb status now. Congrats bro!

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josé said...

Comments to 5boro?
Big up to everyone at 5.
Take a tea.