Sunday, September 7, 2008


Last day of living at my old apartment and we haven't really gotten a chance to take down the ramp. Maybe they wont notice it.
This is my bro Tim. As you can see he's quite a character. 
ma manTook and the Nelsonator
Pensyl sighting
if that bike doesn't have breaks we are gonna have a problem.
people write stuff in the sky with planes these days instead of calling each other on the phone. weirdos.
Falla's trainer came out filming with us one day. That dude has a hell of a switchflip.some bitch takes a myspace flick while Doogal is cold chillin.
in true Took fashion we took our eyes off him for one sec and he's got some sweats in his paws.
The bossman always gets double meat at Chipolte
Met up with Barnacle the other night

Went to Bulliot and JP's shop and prayed with some big rosaries for some reason.

CheeseeyeTurtle up'd the ante a bit
there we go.

going to Portugal tomorrow with the crew. Check back for updates on the regs. later.

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jimmy said...

good to see falla rockin that giants hat he took off my head!