Monday, June 29, 2009

sidetracked in Jersey

Falla filming birds. Really original.
Then we grabbed Pensyl from tha Southside.
We got side tracked driving through Jersey on our way to Indiana and we ended up stopping at Took's house even though he wasn't there.
Falla is a camera hog. I heard his hat size went up 3 sizes since this photo was taken.
Skating is dangerous bro
Darren blessed us with his presence.
Big Took meet and greet
lego mansion
insert epic story here
the 'Tist
few inches from ending it Heaven's Gate Cult style.

I forgot girls shotguned beers in Jersey 
eddie made a brief appearance
Took sighting.
Turtle time
Took with his mini asshole bag
slow and steady wins the race
Motor mall grab
Caballeros? Si.
what the hell is perdiam?
Pensyl killed it on the nasal trumpet.
Taking it back to the essence 
Made it to Indianapolis and met up wit Andrew....
and that guy......
This is Tim our Tour Guide, Host and Father Figure. See you tomorrow.

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