Sunday, June 21, 2009

loungin' between two pillars of ivory

Took has been on a smoothie kick lately
The last Frenchmen standing
went to Brighton Beach i mean Purgatory the other day. Seems like a hell of a place to slowly die.
they sure know how to treat a man though.
Diggles is back.
Oh yeah, Ben went back to France but forgot to take the fungus his feet left on the bottom of our shower with him. Thanks for the athlete's foot asshole.
The Pro blessed us with his presence the other day.
Pole? Cigars? all smoking is the same to me.
Went by the old house to visit the Throwers the other day......
We found a TV on the side of the road that worked. One man's trash is another man's bad idea.
The only rule is you can only watch Braveheart.I guess we can make an exception with that Willie Nelson movie HoneySuckle Rose. I ain't mad at it.
Having a Brother who is world renowned scumbag makes you a scumbag as well. You learn something new everyday in Jersey.
Average White Girls
that about sums up our lives these days....
oh yeah Happy Fathers Day to my Pops. Thanks for not aborting me.

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