Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekend from hell

lil kev cold chillin
a few hand picked individuals formed like Voltron the other day...
To celebrate a man's graduation from his 20s.....
Ill leave the rest up to your imagination. Lets just say it was a hell of a night. 
 waking up in the AM is for jerks.
art show timeit was a bumpy road. Bumpier than a world with no Valtrex.
I always thought there was an "I" in team.
Falla had that Fedora on ice for months waiting for this party.....
Nar Nar had to tone down the language for this one. 
Mikendo J Filmbot blessed the right coast with his presence.
Two men who live in the middle of nowhere. Puke and Pitts.
Stratto came out..... Oh yeah Thanks PBR for hooking us up with free liquid courage.
Meghan Falla, Luidgi, 5B legend Ben Wall, and 5B Pro Danny Falla.
Tato came out and finger flipped a few PBR's down the hatch.
DC's cutest couple. Senor Lyons and the Gay Lion Jimmy Mcdonald.
Salt Late City,Utah has more than just Mormons. Jake and Pitts can testify to that.
two of my favorite frenchies. Luidgi and Guillaume.
Akers and the only human on earth who can stand his smell. Brooke.
5B Legend Justin Barnes, some dude and Luidgi.
G-Money and Strubbs
Manderson and Wifey came out for the occasion.
Falla is cool but this creepy blonde girl is the background kinda stole the show.
Kev on the come up.
I used to live with these three dudes back in the day and we ate fried chicken everyday for 3 months. Those were the days.
Welcome to the Dan Pensyl show with your host Dan Pensyl.
Falla hating on the OG crew. JK bro LOL.
Now that's the end of shitty Iphone photos. Here is some real deal photography!
Ben Wall and Pitts are the bread of this "i don't know who you are" sandwich. Wish i knew your name sorry.
The Akers shuffle. Often hated on, never duplicated. Thank God.
Jersey is one hell of a state. Took and Lyndsay.
Foddle time.
Wall got pretty epic if you don't remember.
"fuel the jet"-J. Doogz came back just for the event then skipped town Rockstar style.
Legends in the flesh. Wall, Perri and Kelly.
did i mention Wall killed it?
now for a ton of group shots. If you want to skip the rest i ain't made at ya. If you have seen one you seen em all.
Habla Queso.....Wall, Julia and Rodz,
Sugar free Redbull enables Nar to scream Cunt while kicking cabs down 7th ave for hours with no fatigue. 
Nar Nar and Ta Ta
Art Department. Nar Nar and Geez with Shannon.
Two serious Italians joined Rodz for this flick.The bossmen with The Nord.
Fuck it lets throw Luidgi in there and make this update more like pulling teeth than it already is right?
Nar got tired...this is what friends are for.
5 and 5 is 10.
Some dude, Nar and that guy who invented Switch.
The Rodriguez Clan
Nar Nar and Boo
J. Barnes listened to the whole Dark Side of the Moon album by himself in McCarren Park then came to the art show.
Brother and Sistermore group shots
Puke, Rodz and Stratto
Steve, Adam and some dude 
Then men behind it all.
A match made in heaven

Perri and Kelly with Hiroko.

brothers from different mothers
5b crew past and present
the OG crew(plus Luis)
it started to rain but Nar was prepared.
the morning after
time to set up the banks contest. our lives suck.
Luidgi never gets bummed though. He just kills it.
How many times is Took gonna pick up the pieces?  
FOB west coast, East coast and International. Ortiz, Doogal, and Gaydu.
Cannon has Forrest Gump syndrome on his arm.
Rochester's finest.
two epic mugs in frames. The new Barnes and Big Akers.
product thirsty leaches.
make money money go shopping
Joey interviewed Akers about that time in Poland a few years ago when they both killed the dance floor.
nice shirts. yes this was all planned.
SteveR likes talking to cops.

Ying on the phone with his agent.
J. Barnes and the Mexicutioner.
Lil kev hates me.
When Steve gets cops cream he gets thuggish.
Good citizen or total creep? you make the call.
We like Chiplote.
Herman Santos

Vince got sponsored by the sushi resteraunt by my apartment. Congrats bro.
Uru's favorite stance.
I leave you with this. Next update June 10th 2000-never.

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