Monday, June 1, 2009

I see french people

Ben likes Pad Thai and not skating
Marijuana effects the memory 

Akers wears a purse when he's drunk. 
that dude
Straight from the Redlight district in China, Nikwen joined us in NYC.
Then Akers brought out Tuna at 4 am. 

blowin up in the world
Th next day a few of us sold our souls for the almighty dollar.....
yup those are pads
sorry bro

Post production cigar=bumming out everyone within 10 feet of you.
Apparently crack isn't enough these days
A dime a dozen for lil Kev

good morning 
"Ill have the general"
Nick drinks luke warm beer at 10am
Nightmare i mean art show preparation 
Our boy Chubs from the BX chugs flite like its his job.
welcome to flow trash.


chubz said...

yo it's your boy chubz big ups to dan and tom

chubbz164 said...

ma bad i ment chubbz164