Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trains, Horses and Aguas Calientes...Peru part 3

Horse tour with the crew
Plaza de Armas
hopped on a train to Aguas Calientes for a few days to see Manchu Pichu
Josewhatever he was shooting im sure it was pretty groundbreaking
exploring new territories 
more comida
why not wash your shitty morning down with some liquid courage
Got to Aguas Calientes and man is it hoppin

this ain't Tarrytown

a land where too many hats are never too many hats
Barnes and himself in dog form
The kids parade on the train tracks here. Pretty smart idea.
some serious shit is brewing up in that pan
i heard your friends done judge you if you wear a poncho in Aguas Calientes.
maybe i was wrong.
trains are loud
Doogal made a friend
this guy was an asshole if parrots can be assholes
heading to the old Pichu tomorrow morning at dawn. See you there.

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