Saturday, March 14, 2009

adios Bogota

last day in Bogota....
midgets on wheels
midget mongo

"yous guys never heard of Jersey?"
power moves
time to reward yourself 
they didn't get it. Neither did we.Brook gave this girl some melon and she broke out like Swayze.
dual classless recreation


went on this cable car to see this church our last day
long way up from B.Browns hometown of Hell.

ello y perro

crosses and stuff
what a view

i know what i wished for

Hook ups is apparently alive, well and killing it in Bogota these days.
interesting purchase
times are tough


Time to meet up with Barnes, Jimmy, Falla and the rest of the kooks in Lima.
hotel key souvenir
our drive gives us the shifty thumbs up.
see you in Lima

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