Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peru part 4 mang..the Mach

Got to Machu Pichu at 530am just in time for them to confiscate my VX and my pride....
Doogals next Myspace default
I mean they are just ruins right?
rocks we got em


Pensyl and bro
like i said before. Groundbreaking.

ruin rodent
the ill photog stance belongs to Doogal

Deep thoughts with J. Strubs

photo of a photo of a photo. Yup we are getting bored here.

mass media around that neck

I think we already broke the first rule
Besides Strubing, Took and pretty much everyone else Pensyl and I were in first place!
jump? I would have.
someone get the Crisco.
Took is into danger slumber.
We made it!
J. Breezy
sometimes a man has got to do some thinking.

J. Ricker and Took
Peep Sweet Waste in the background in his climbing gear
more of these things
nobody will buy this woman's kid. What a shame.
yeah that's not a postcard folks. The Iphone is that good. More Peru updates tomorrow.

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ShamefulDesigns said...

fucking amazing post!

def wanna go there one time in my life