Saturday, March 14, 2009

no place like Lima

So yeah we went back to Lima Peru for the 90th time in 3 years...

Got to the embassy and we found a sleepy J.Barnes. Nice neck pillow by the way.
Our Epic host Erik
oh yeah this guy is from here huh?
J. Breezy holdin it down
unhappy camper
white people
livin off the fat of the land(swimmies and floatation devices)
spring break bro
lone wolf
these guys
enjoy that sunset
lets make this real corny and get a group shot right
"Peru? Hell of a town."-J.Barnes
The brothers Cembolski
Pensyl mid foddle and Jack
diabetes here we come
dead perro
hmm well that spots gone....
Hell freezing over as we speak
sleeping slobs
liquid skate stopper
Casualties of a dice game. Never gamble with snakes kid...
case of the downs
impressive? nah not really. See you guys tomorrow.

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