Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hell froze over

So yeah i forgot we had a blog until a few minutes ago and realized i haven't updated it in a month. So fuck it here we go.
fast food brovas

praise the lard
super self fan out
Barnes and Dj Wastings
we have been trying a new approach at demos recently.....
Damn its beer oclock already?-mike mike

"yous guys wanna park here? ill just move that ledge no probs"-took
Luis was shining as always
Doogal told a story the other day. trust me, it was a real snoozer.
ma man
this dude really wants to get robbed.
the youf
1/4 of the french connection was in town!the Bossman
Jesus Christ 
say cheese
rhymes is made of garlic
Tooth was getting lung cancer while Pensyl was getting fat
Went to Homebase for the Halloween Jam...
kids are creative these dayssome kid went as ex flow trash fetus Chris Meade.
Emmry and Bruce Wayne media mang.
Oh yeah this dude went as Curtis Rapp.
First i thought they were ghosts then i realized we were in PA so i figured they were just Klansman

say you, say me
ray gurz went as the messiah i mean beer i mean same shit.
Puke won money. Big whoop. Later.

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dorien wrenn said...

big ups to 5boro....if anybody see dan pensyl, tell em dorien said what up