Tuesday, October 14, 2008

back in the city

Curt Rapp sure is in shape
Ricardo Geiger serves up those crills in Harlem
wow someone has a crush on himself.
nothing like steak and potatoes at 2am
give up the dream bro
Took loves that tax free loot

Limjob closing deals
Andy B came in for the night with his boy Jonny.
Darren, Andy and Ponch
We didn't have a bag to carry all the promo so Akers just wore it all.

Hell froze over and Barnes set up a board

Akers took my phone and this is what he shot. those art school classes sure are paying off.
Falla broke out and came back with tacos. Dios mio mang.
took hates riding on 4 wheels.
Nas killed it
SteveR got all Topgun last week.
more bros
Jimmy has his priorities straight these days.
Asian Invasion(plus SteveR) at the BK Banks.
Won Suk's first burrito!
Demo time. Now that we live in Bk these fools get door to door service.

psyched for that 3 hour drive to Scranton, PA

"want some armpit flavored chips?"-akers
"We cant get in a minivan in front of these guys....we are gonna look like such pussies."-Barnacle
interesting trannys
Puke and Pitts
Vote for Barnes and Obama in November.


Akers dropped meatloaf in his water but had no problem finishing it. waste not want not.
now look who blessed us with his presence.

Barnes and Kalio
Nothing goes better with art and ice cream than a matching flannel.
Falla took acid the other day and was seen hanging out with this crew.
see youz later


John Kim said...

Hi Brian Uyeda!

tommy said...

yo when you fools coming to China??