Wednesday, November 12, 2008

again again

Took is either making a ledge or dumping a body. Ya never know.

Akira just got here from Japan. 
Guillaume is really enjoying all the food perks of NYC. He already worships General Tso.
Not really feeling the street side produce though.
Paid our tributes to Dave Thomas the other day. 
Ran into this scumbag at Father Demo Square the other day.
Wow Puke won money again. What a lucky duck.
Dirt Pensyl

one dude pissed on my computer chair, one pissed on Akira and one just laughed about it.
this dude was asking for it.
Toof and G Money got a new whip
Went to Times square the other day and everyone was real happy for some reason.
All the essencials 
Earfman is skilled in the trapezial arts.
Turtle Widner and Took

Barnacle and Holywood C. Rapp
Toof power fades while Massimo makes power moves.
Luigi just got to town and may i say he is looking razor sharp.

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