Thursday, November 20, 2008

A day with Akira Ishizawa

So yeah one of our pros/bros Akira is here from Japan for the month. Let me take you into a normal day with this 38 year old man.
Wake up on an already deflated air mattress in the kitchen.
Brush your teeth in the kitchen sink because lord knows the deadbeats you are staying with done have a sink in their bathroom.
2 things a man needs. Mayo and Urethane.
Secret stash of bread,shoe goo, instant mash potatoes, you know...the essentials. 
Thank god your socks that fit over your toes as gloves are dry. Time to start your day.
instead of puking on the floor he sweeps it.... weird. 
Akira was bummed when he found out buttermilk tastes like shit.
ok. breakfast time. Corn and Mayo?
now burn the shit out of that toast.
give props to your boy Sean Eaton.
Breakfast of champs. I think that's toast with salsa,pickles, and cream cheese. 
Just about to put that last bite down the hatch and the grumpy roommate wants to have a word with you in his room.
"my computer just crashed because of some program called Skype?"-j.doogs
"never heard of it"-Akira

time to hit the streets
meet up with the most ginger dude on food stamps

Lunch time. Akira loves tacos.
Big thanks to Akira for getting Luke and I a summons for being in a playground without a child. Megan's law here we come.
Akira and Luidgi

Get as much free coffee as you can before purchase
I bought rice and Akira made it. We kinda got confused whos was whos?

keepin up on the times

Anytime is instant mashed potato time in Akira's world.

Ketchup on Spaghetti? Say it ain't so.Akira did a little souvenir shopping in Bushwick.
JT and Doogal were speechless.
Mayo on tacos? huh?
bed time. Arrigato bro.

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Anonymous said...

E-San(Akira) genki desu-ka?

enjoy your trip!!!! I hope you are having good time in NY.

Fake Rupp