Sunday, December 7, 2008

eating, drinking and very little skating

Mcdoogal sure is pushing himself these days.
then again so if Falla
Falls is big in Japan
did i mention he is pushing himself?
Damn Matix sure does make nice stuff. Peep that Jacket.
Joe Took is back from SF
We had the shit bad Olympics up in Harlem the other day. First event... Balance beam.
Buckley, That redheaded kid and Mcdoogal.
Oh yeah the long jump went down.
Family Dinner.
Too Fast Too Furious
Gwallace, Shape and Shawn.
Ever wonder what Doogal would look like if he really let himself go?  Just look at the man next to him and you might find that answer.

Doogal and Bautista
The boys and Tommy Halligan
Check out those Wallabees ones Barnes. Lookin like a game of spades.
I guess its scarf season.

Ran into this scumbag at a demo the other day.Taking photos of Took eating are entertaining.
Drowning his sorrows in his FOB lifestyle. Later.

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