Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NYC-PORTO(part uno)

So yeah we went to Portugal a few weeks ago.

Doogz and Took were bummed to leave Manhattan Ave for a few weeks.

Falla and his Fedora met us at the airport.
So did Bob Lim.
How do you kick off a trip? how about taking a few years off your life with this American tradition.
Falla really likes mayo.
and Neck Pillows.

just not cuttin it
100s on the table 20s on the floor
that's what I'm talking about
Falla was pretty psyched for our 9 hour layover.
you missed a spot
For some reason we had a nine hour layover for a 45 minute flight. Pretty sick planning.
Sleepwalking in public
We made a promise that if the boards didn't show up we would just get drunk for 2 weeks. Unfortunately they showed up.
home on wheels or certain death?
ham and cheese for breakfast every morning? some things in life never get old.
rocks and water and all that
more pointless photos with no personality.
For some reason we drove 6 hours south the day after we arrived to Faro City. Very logical.
Here is Lim and Falla with our guide/babysitter for 2 weeks Jose. I cant even explain to you how dope this dude was.
pretty much asking for it
Akers' pro model manikin just hit the stores in Portugal.
its a tough life headlining.
got to Razo skateshop....
poor man's back smith
48 hours into the trip and we finally get to skate street!
These ledges seem good but they crumbled after every trick. 
I forgot this guys name but he was pretty epic.
I also cant remember the word for cheers  in Portuguese. Salud? i dunno fuck it.

"damn mang, the times are a changin"-Falla
Deeli showed up the first day with some missing camera gear. Looks like we gotta shoot this article on our cell phones.
Some reason we ended up in Jersey for a few minutes. Didn't really understand that one but we went with it.
Leave it to this guy to get his ankle checked out on a trip.
Porto City

Gotta be rough when all your sponsors logos are skulls.
Falla got the job modeling Mugatu's Derelik collection this Fall. Congrats bro.
chicos en azul
This photo is good but i think its missing something?
Grab a confused old man in there and we are set. Cheese.
The FOB crew came in and ate all this food in minutes then snuck into other peoples rooms and started feasting. Ruthless.
"weez guys really like Portugal"
Took has a really crazy birthmark
In portugal its a rule you must be black out drunk for every demo. Thanks for the memo.

blazing trails in the flatbar world
Segways are obviously taking over the world and we are all shaking i mean laughing in our boots.

the crew and Phillipa
Why buy the video when you can get some dude to film it off a mini dvd player for you?
incriminating iphoto surprise

"hey man i wanna smoke this suspect joint with you!"-ex con
"nah man its ok im good"-Took
"seriously bro this stuff makes you cool. Like Neck tattoo cool!"-ex con
"you smell like old onions brah get away from me"-Took
By the looks of those eyes Pedro took Joey's share of that joint and then some
V.I.C-Very Important Crooks
Deeli took advantage of every mouthful of free food. FOB Finland chapter opening soon?

You can be in Kindergarten and work at a bar in Portugal as long as you get your finger painting homework done before you punch in.
good night. More updates to come. Maybe some skating? i highly doubt it.


josé said...

leave your comment?
I mean 5 boro nyc.
5 degrees under and we are down.
Hope you pps are ok-
call colected.
Peace to you all.
Stay tuned for upcoming 5s.

Brian Uyeda said...

Adonde es numero dos? No tengo mucho tiempo o paciencia.