Monday, September 29, 2008

Lisbon word? Rough city man.

So yeah I've been slacking pretty hard on this. Here are the last bit of flicks from our Porto trip.

best photo ever shot
pay to play
"can you fix my trucks dad?"
who's that homeless dude sleeping outside the restaurant? wait that's Took.
highway mang
anti social groove-zone 
super self fan out
"So Danny, tell me what it was like growing up in Mexico?-Reporter broad
Ricardo was serving up some dope steaks but we ran out of buns
got to our hostile in Lisbon at 2am
maybe we will get to skate today? Prolly not.
Took saw the sights
smile bro your abroad

More bros
we gave Doogal shotgun for 10 minutes i have no idea why.
Akers would have been psyched
creeper cam
don't remember the joke but yeah
Traveling is great when the Dollar is worth less than your autograph
Jose was rocking a pretty suspect scarf for a few days...then it all grew on us.
Lim found some fellow Asians and managed to scare the shit out of them in seconds
This guy wouldn't let us use the bathroom but he sure did have a dope stash.
Took is jumping for joy for supermarket sushi!
Limjob got drunk again
Popin bottles yo
Chug it like a pro
Deeli got down
my camera light died at this spot and we weren't able to film the 50 tricks that went down. Blowing it.
more setubal
get a new trick dude
Deeli is a pretty healthy guy
We are slobs
The girls at the restaurant had never seen an Asian before so they gave Lim this creepy doll. 
Then they asked us to write in their book.
Blocked in?
Falla cant get enough of that Mayo

Ricardo really wanted to make an upledge
"Fuck it ill just stand here and pretend im helping."-Doogal
backside booger
hes back
Daniel Eduardo Falla
Falla cant get enough of the limelight
Bob digi
Deeli is really tall
obvious bail
village drunk

double flip bs 5-0 tre-flip out
nollieheel fs noseslide nollieheel out
and just a boring backtail
the youth
two weeks into it and we still cant order food by ourselves. Classy.
Deeli broke out a few days early so me and my camera phone had to pick up the slack.
that dog was huge
Sweet myspace Default
Took's christmas card
yeah i don't know what to write here.
why help when you can point and laugh?
buildings and stuff
I guess they were over it and made us cook our food ourselves on the last day

Thats about it.  Big up to Jose, Deeli, Ricardo and the Lisbon crew and everyone else who hooked it up. Keep an eye out for our Portugal Article in an upcoming issue of Kingpin. Later.

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