Thursday, July 10, 2008

taking steps backwards

So we stayed at Took's house for a few days then decided to trade in our good sleeping arrangements and hospitable hosts for angry clerks and dirty bed sheets. Good move asshole.
Andrew Pitts cleaning those chompers.
pay to play
Pensyl carries around his own set or horseshoes on trips. That's some real Pennsylvania shit.

Got to DayOne Skateshop in Bridgeport, CT and Jeff Walsh was there to great us.
Aren't you supposed to take group photos after the demo?
now you have no choice.
coffin on wheels.
Jeff and his pooch.
Look who decided to show up.
Throw some gang signs up and its a wrap.
"My life really took a crazy turn when i invented cold beer"-Jbarnes
deck check tre flip makes kids happy
Popped collar mallgrab. No shame.

we couldn't decide who got the board so Barnes put em to work gym class style.

Coach Barnes counting them off
switch tail?nope. That's a slappy noseslide.
Gotta bring the Spanish dude with you when you order burritos. Its a rule.
Doogal likes donuts(obviously)
I thought Snickers tasted good?
I think someone buys one of these at every rest stop and the joke never gets old.

Where is that stream of water coming from?
wait i get it.
we are fucked.
while we were at the Budget Inn aquiring new diseases Nar was killing SF. Later

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

talkin ish on that kid up there is mad corny fellas. we all skate. dude came to your demo to see you guys rip and im sure you did. leave it at that. skaters stick together, dont be poppin on some kid because of his style. pretty lame.