Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hell to Heaven

Luke doing his flow duty by cleaning out that van. Good Job Bro!
Driscoll had to break out early for his very luxurious job at a liquor store in Boston.
Leave it to your bros to always be there to fuck with you when you fall asleep in the van.
"How long till we get to the demo?"
"10 minutes?"
"perfect ill shotgun this beer"-injured pro
time for the Grand Opening at the Mexico,NY Skate park.....
too bad the park isn't finished yet. But thats not important right?
wood toss
The bossman couldn't be there so Doogal signed autographs for him.
j barnes
Wet Willy Akers with a FlameBoy Mallgrab. wow.
Good job out there Falla.
Took solo mission at the bar
We got to Krudco the next day. Who knew we have never been there before?
Aaron krudco
insert clever comment about a mustache. I'm spent right now.
The world is Justin Barnes'
Shit talking duo
Pitts is ready to get some anger out
Soft talk on the phone or get drunk with your bros? Decision,Decisions.
We left Rochester and drove up to Barnes' girl, Erin's house on a lake.

Falla taking it way too far.
well that's embarrassing.
Afro Punk Clinic crew broke out a day early.
Pensyl getting all seadoo out there.
Beer tastes way better when you are sitting on a lake
Botched cannonball= The Jersey flail
"rainbows are gay"-Barnes
After listening to "Fast Life" by Kool G Rap over and over it finally paid off for Darren Baskinger.
Hiroko and SteveR
This cokes for you.
Paddle boats are fun but getting caught riding one with another dude is kinda weird right?
Barnes strapped the flow trash to the boat and wrecked them....
face of fury

some more "we made it" shit
all cops are bastards
Happy 4th of July
Happy Sunburn
Breakfast of scumbags.

Big thanks to Erin and her family, Krudco, Fireworks and Beer. Later.

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