Friday, August 13, 2010

Never a dull moment at Casa de Tookmanian

So the crew and I went to Joe Took's crib in NJ for the usual summer scenario.
Turtle and Turtle
After shocking G. Wallace a few times with the insect racquet we found out he has feelings too.
Darren runnin shit
Oh yeah there was a rumor about Jello Wrestling....
Our bro Juddy fought Darren's girl Mel and it was all fun and games....
Enter this dickhead.......
I have never wanted lighting to strike a person dead so much in my life.
And guess what? My prayers were answered! Lighting struck this waste of hair product and the world is now a better place.
Lets just say the crew was hyped.
Queens The Home of the Rob "The Truth" Gonyon
Cigars and Motrin. All a boy needs.
Some of the boys are out at Crossroads right now in San Diego. Photo updates to come later in the day....

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